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AMP: Journal of Digital Literature

As traditional print publishing continues on the downswing, a number of highly regarded literary journals are now published in online editions that supplement or complement their print volumes; some journals, especially those that publish innovative and experimental work, are now publishing exclusively on the Internet. Innovative and experimental texts lend themselves especially to the plasticity of the digital medium. A digital platform can offer exciting possibilities for open field forms and for text accompanied by images, sound or video.

The ability to add hyperlinks can expand a text’s meanings or offer alternative readings as far as the imaginations and skills of the website’s editors, designers and programmers might allow.

AMP will publish the best innovative contemporary writing by emerging and established writers; host guest bloggers who will write (and speak) about issues in contemporary literature; sponsor single-author chapbook-length electronic and/or print-on-demand collections; serve as a platform for new born-digital literature; and offer links to other important sites in the field of digital literature.

By enhancing Hofstra University’s visibility and reputation in national and global creative writing circles, we hope to attract more students to Hofstra’s creative writing and English Department graduate and undergraduate programs.

Project Director:

Janet Kaplan